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"Micronian" was the phrase used by Zentraedi to describe humans. It referred to the humans' micronized size.
The phrase could presumably be used any other race smaller than the Zentraedi as there is a legend saying that they should not harm a "Micronian" planet. Click the banner above to see the new sets!


12.12.17 -Hello Sanrio Capsules! Hot Topic Exclusive!

Hello Sanrio

Toynami is proud to introduce the Hello Sanrio Capsule Dioramas. We’re bringing together five of your favorite characters: Hello Kitty, Keroppi, BadtzMaru, My Melody and Chococat!

Each capsule stands approximately 4 inches tall and is perfect to display in or out of the vinyl display box. Head on over to our gallery to see these awesomely cute Capsule Dioramas. Choose your favorite or collect them all!


04.21.17 -Tulipop!

Voltron Stealth EX

TULIPOP, our newest license, brought to you all the way from Iceland!

The Enchanted world of Tulipop. A world dreamt up by mother of two Signý Kolbeinsdóttir, and Helga Árnadóttir, is an original, beautiful and magical place like no other!

Tulipop is a wondrous island in the middle of two seas, governed by 3 moons. Created when a magical underwater volcano erupted many lifetimes ago, the lava formed the island that evolved into the beautiful place that is Tulipop.

Loosely based on the landscapes of Iceland, Tulipop is full of waterfalls, rugged mountains, hot springs, and golden sands and is the home of six very different but equally loveable characters who work together to try and overcome the various predicaments they face. Gloomy, Bubble, Fred, Miss Maddy, Mr.Tree and
Mama Skully are all totally different but utterly unique characters that each have their own skills but are not without their flaws. They are all very fond of each other but do clash on occasion due to their different outlooks and sensibilities. The heart of the series is their friendships and how they get along and have fun despite their differences.

Click on the banner above to see the new line of plush, figurines and more!


12.19.16 -Voltron Stealth EX - The Wait Is Over!

Voltron Stealth EX

The 2016 Comic-Con exclusive Voltron Stealth Ex has shipped after a long wait! We hope you will agree the time spent is well worth it as the production quality was of upmost importance to us on our finest and final Voltron release!

12.02.16 -Robotech Super Veritech Fighter Weapon Sets!

These 1/100 scale Veritechs are packing extra firepower with the Fast Pack Booster armor upgrade!
Each set is transformable to three modes: Battloid, Guardian & Fighter.
These are highly poseable with over 30 points of articulation.
-Fast Pack Booster Armor accessories.
-Adjustable display stand for maximum versatility and poseability.
-Gunpod and missile attachment accessories included.

Look for these to hit stores in February 2017!

Robotech Plush

09.21.16 -Sonic X Sanrio Mash-Up!

Toynami introduces this all new video game pop culture crossover! Featuring Hello Kitty as Sonic, Badtz-Maru as Knuckles, Chococat as Tails and My Melody as Amy, these 10" deluxe plush are super soft and the cutest crossover yet! Choose your favorite or collect them all!.

VOltron Super Poseable Action Figure

08.05.16 -Ultimate Voltron EX is here!

A Toynami interpretation that captures the Voltron essence of power and might, the Ultimate Edition is a massive 16" tall piece that pays tribute to the handsome musculature of the lion.

Each Hyper-articulated lion can be posed in multiple ways, even sitting down! Fully transformable and constructed of sturdy POM and ABS plastic to allow for high pose-ability. Also includes shield & sword accessories. Die cast was intentionally not used in the production of this product so that we could achieve the durability of the item in both lion and robot mode.

Using plastic composites allowed us to engineer the articulation and pose-ability that we sought to design. Each lion is now more anatomically correct and allows the collector to pose the lions in a full range of motion like never seen before. Having a lighter design allows for the Robot to be displayed in more dynamic poses.

VOltron Super Poseable Action Figure

03.11.16 -Skelanimals / DC Heroes Girls of Gotham City Plush

These adorable 10-inch plushes transplant everyone's favorite Skelanimals into
the dark, gritty world of BATMAN's Gotham City! Available are:

Marcy as Harley Quinn
Foxy as Poison Ivy
Quackee as Batgirl

Girls of Gotham City


This is Voltron as you’ve never seen before! Super Deformed! Fully Transformable! Mini-Pilot Figures included! The 5 lions will form Voltron, and each transform separately. Includes shield & blazing sword accessories. 

VOltron Super Poseable Action Figure


Cuddle up with your favorite giant monster in this premium, limited edition Godzilla Plush! Hear him roar when you hug him! Based on the 1989 version, only 1989 of these

Godzila 1989 12" Statue


Voltron gets the epic Jumbo treatment in this retro vinyl rendition to celebrate its 30th Anniversary!

30th Anniversary Voltron


Protecting Earth from alien conquest has never been more adorable! To celebrate the Robotech 30th Anniversary, your favorite figures get a chibi makeover in this Super Deformed Blind Box Assortment, including Rick Hunter, VF-1S, VF-1A, Battlepod, and Destroid Tomahawk. Which will be the chase?
Robotech Blindbox


Each fully transformable action figure stands approximately 6 inches tall and is fully articulated, and can be converted into Fighter mode, Battloid mode or Gerwalk mode. Also included is a gunpod weapon accessory and an adjustable display stand, for maximum versatility and poseability.

Robotech Plush

12.05.14 -ROBOTECH Super Deformed Plush!

The famed Robotech Plush previously only available as a limited edition claw machine prize are here! Each plush is screen printed with the iconic veritech designs and measures 5 inches tall and 1 foot nose to tail with a 10" wingspan.

A perfect collectible for Robotech fans of all ages!
Robotech Plush

11.24.14 -Voltron 30th Anniversary Collector's Se

What better way to celebrate Voltron’s 30th Anniversary than with a brand new collectible toy!?

30th Anniversary Voltron

Measuring in at nearly 13 inches tall when standing on its display base, this special 30th Anniversary Edition also includes a signature Voltron badge which transforms into a key that can be used to activate the light and sound features including the Lion’s “Signature Roar.”Standing triumphantly on his base, sword in hand or with each lion individually, this statue is sure to make an impact in your collection!

Click on the banner to check out Voltron: Defender of the Universe!

10.24.14 -ACID RAIN Gallery now live!

Introducing the Post-Nuclear Military Figures & Transformable Collection that debuted at San Diego Comic-Con and took fans by storm....ACID RAIN! Head on over to our Acid Rain page and check out the hottest new figures now!


10.10.14 - UNKL Presents: DC Heroes & Villains Blind Box Collection!

The creative minds at UNKL have put a brand new spin on iconic characters from the DC Universe with the UNKL Presents: DC Heroes & Villains Blind Box Collection! These unique 3" vinyl figures on UNKL's signature UNIPO body, features:

• Batman • Superman • The Flash
• Harley Quinn • The Joker • Mr. Freeze

DC Comics Heroes & Villians

A full set of characters is guaranteed in each Tray. A must have for DC fans and urban vinyl collectors alike!


10.07.14 - Skelanimals Deluxe Backpacks!

Pack your favorite Skelanimals pals around with you wherever you go, with these adorable backpacks! You'll never be alone with your favorite Skelanimals pal clinging to your shoulders!

Skelanimal Deluxe Backpacks

08.18.14 - 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Inernational

Crazy fun happened at San Diego Comic-Con International 2014! Sold out exclusives, a brand-new 7ft Voltron and big winners with our Claw Machine!


07.01.14 - READY, SET, CUTE!

Sanrio X Street Fighter

The next series of the popular Sanrio x Street Fighter is here!  Hello Kitty is back once again, newly incarnated as the fearless Street Fighter heroes, Zangief, Dhalsim, and E. Honda!

Each Sanrio x Street Fighter Deluxe Plush stands approximately 10" tall and is dressed in specially designed Street Fighter costumes.


Skelanimals DC Heroes

Your favorite Skelanimals DC characters are now available in vinyl! Choose from:

  • Batman Jae (wolf)
  • Superman Dax (dog)
  • Robin Pen (penguin)
  • Wonder Woman Kit (cat)
  • Harley Quinn Marcy (monkey)

Each vinyl figure stands approximately 3 inches tall and comes packaged in a collectible window box. Head on over to our DC Skelanimals page and get a look at their pint-sized awesome!

12.12.13 - is now Open! Holiday shipping promo#

We are extremely pleased to announce the launch of our sparkling new online store!

Now, you can purchase Exclusives previously only available at shows like
San Diego Comic Con and Comikaze!

We'd like to give thanks and show our appreciation to you, by offering
FREE SHIPPING* for purchases of $99 or more now through Dec. 31st!

*This offer is for free Standard Shipping in the US (48 contiguous states only)
Valid December 12-December 31, 2013.

12.03.13 - Futurama/Shogun Warriors Jumbo Bender!

Your favorite wise cracking robot is back! This towering 24" Bender figure is composed of vinyl and PVC and features awesome fist firing action that will take you back to the old Shogun Warrior days.

10-01-13 -Voltron Defender of the Universe!


Toynami is pleased to announce the newest license in its stable of properties, and it's the welcome return of an old favorite: Voltron! Under Toynami's new agreement with Classic Media and World Event Productions, fans can expect to see collectibles toys, from a all new 24" Jumbo Voltron to a high-detail transformable die-cast, celebrating Voltron's 30th anniversary!

Look for more details on our exciting new line of Voltron products soon!



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